What is Direction?

Direction Behavioral Health Associates (or Direction for short) opened its doors in 2008. It offers the area's only Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for area teenagers struggling with mental health and behavioral issues.

Our IOP offers an intermediate level of care for clients who have needs that are too complex to be effectively managed in an office outpatient setting, but do not reach the threshold warranting inpatient hospitalization. The IOP runs for between the hours of 3 and 6 PM five days per week.

For some teenagers, Direction serves as the point of entry to mental health treatment. For others who already are in treatment, it provides crisis stabilization when outpatient treatment isn’t enough. For those teenagers who have been hospitalized, it serves as a step-down program to provide smooth transition back into the community.

The program operates five days per week, and usually lasts for a few weeks. It is paid for by insurance, and about 15-20 kids attend each day.

There are three components to the program:

1. Psychiatric Evaluation and medication management when warranted. Duncan is on-site five days per week and thus has the ability to make changes and respond to medication issues that arise quickly.

2. Group Therapy according to Joe’s Wholeistic Education model.

3. Parenting Groups which teach parents how to use the principles of Wholeistic Education at home.

Direction’s success can be entirely attributed to its staff. We have an exceptional core of therapists and support staff. Diverse in their backgrounds and interests, they share a passion for working with kids, a creativity and open-mindedness, the skill set necessary for overseeing really great group therapy, and terrific senses of humor. Most importantly, we all love our jobs.

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