How to Help Your Child Overcome Imbalances of All Kinds

A collaboration between Duncan Gill, MD, and Joseph Walsh, LCMHC, The Art of Direction: A Guide for Parents is unlike any other book in its genre.  Most books of this kind are written about treating specific mental health disorders, addressing specific substance abuse, or dealing with specific family problems at home.  This book takes the opposite approach, starting with the big picture and working from there.  It is unique in that it provides a full overview of both biological (psychiatric) and behavioral problems in the context of the family and childhood development.  

The book examines the nature-nurture aspects of all kinds of adolescent dysfunction, and reveals how what appear to be huge differences in various mental health and behavioral problems are often superficial, and how their solutions are very often one and  the same.   

Drawing upon their 30+ years of collective experience working with clients in the office, residential programs, hospitals, group homes, schools, and the juvenile justice system, Dr. Gill and Mr. Walsh share what they have learned, and why their entirely unconventional approaches to treating their clients has been so successful.  

The book is currently being edited and is expected to be released in March of 2020.  

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