Introducing Victoria, WED Educator

Hi there! My name is Victoria. I have been a part of Direction for over 10 years now. I met Joe while working at Nashua Children’s home in 2008, marking the beginning of my own re-education under his guidance and mentorship. When I say re-education, I’m referring to a process where I began to individuate from old ways of seeing and relating in the world. In a nutshell, WED and the Behavioral Guidelines helped me to see the importance of loving relationships and education in all that we do as human beings.

WED’s wisdom about creating a healthy family/group culture spoke directly to my sociology background. How can we expect to function well if the very culture in which we launch from is unhealthy, if not absolutely downright toxic?

When examined, its clear to see that the relationships we keep can either give us strength or weaken us. As humans, in order to have well functioning relationships, the culture that supports those relationships also needs to be healthy. You can see it from many perspectives in nature: healthy soil grows healthy plants, healthy mothers create healthy offspring. The container which holds us, creates us and then ultimately we can help sustain that container through healthy habits.

Shortly after re-examining my own ability to sustain loving relationships and practicing healthy habits, I decided to get clean and sober. I attended 12 step meetings and did the work required of me to be more balanced (lots of work needed!). And I’m grateful to report that I now have over 10 years clean and sober.

Early in recovery I started work at DBHA with Joe and Dunc and eventually became “Joe’s right-hand gal” and lead counselor outback- sharing my experience and strength with the kiddos about the power of creative action in one’s life to change old habits and reestablish new ones.

Eventually I went back to school to get my master’s degree in mental health counseling with a specialty in addiction and recovery and earned my MLADC license in the state of NH.

Today, I am DBHA’s Assistant Program Director and WED’s Recovery go-to person. I have an awesome family that Dunc and Joe have been unbelieving supportive of as bosses and friends. When I say “unbelievably supportive”, I mean it. For example, they believe in healthy attachment with kids so they agreed to let my babies come in with me as I work!

With WED and the Behavioral Guidelines acting as a rudder in our lives, my husband I have been able to create and sustain a loving relationship second to none. And together, we have started our own little humble homestead here in southern NH where we raise our two sons using the Guidelines and nature to keep us focused on what’s most important. Each day, my responsibilities remind me of what recovery and WED can help us create.

Keep an eye out for more WED Recovery entries by me coming soon!

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